How A Gold-Plated Rose Could Be A Popular Gift Idea

Flowers are – and always have been – a popular choice for anyone looking to buy someone a present. Why? It no doubt must be the variety that someone can choose from, whether it’s jasmine, daisies or roses. However, gold plated is always the best way to make any flower last longer than its intended life expectancy.

Roses remain an instant favourite – and classic choice – for many people looking to show off their love for their partners. On the other hand, you might find that it is wildly used to commemorate other events and set different records.

One of Ecuador’s most important archaeological sites was recreated with over 500,000 flowers, according to the Guinness World Records.

The town of Tabacundo now holds the world record for the “largest flower arrangement/structure (number of items)”, which required 546,364 roses grown in the mountains of the Pedro Moncayo canton.

The flowers were used to recreate a replica of one of the Cochasquí pyramids, which is considered as an “important natural and archaeological monument in northern Ecuador”.

It was no doubt an impressive feat to attain, but it required the help of 1,500 volunteers – from all ages – to construct the 1,100 M2 building.

Guinness World Records does say that there is a strong presence for Ecuador’s roses in the international flower market, and the Pedro Moncayo government needed more than 500,000 flowers to set the record.

Guinness World Records commented: “To keep the stems hydrated, a drip irrigation system was installed, while the roses used in the construction of the pyramid were later used to make fertilizer.”

Considering how the flowers were used in the end, it does show that an ordinary rose is only a short-term present and that gold plating can turn it into one for the long term.