How Can You Pull Off Gold In Your Outfit?

You can’t escape the fact that metallics are a big trend in fashion at the moment, and that gold in particular is turning into something of a favourite among celebrities, on catwalks and now on the high street.

Whether you’ve been inspired by Jamie Foxx’s gold plated sports car, or the simple yet feminine piece of jewellery gifted by Prince Harry to his girlfriend Meghan Markle, chances are you’ll want to have a go at adding a bit of bling to your wardrobe.

But if you’ve never been the type to go for sparkle, where do you start? According to Marie France Asia, there are several ways to wear gold without coming across as gaudy.

The publication recommends teaming any gold items of clothing you have with earthy hues or more understated colours, such as olive green or khaki. When mixed with these colours “gold shades can stand out beautifully,” the website states.

If you’re not sure about wearing a piece of gold statement jewellery, or a whole item of clothing in the shade, you could opt for a simple piece with gold detailing, whether that’s gold buttons, a smattering of sequins or a gold pattern. The aim here is understated elegance.

Another option is to let your gold pieces do all the talking, keeping your overall outfit incredibly simple and plain, but accessorising with gold items. A shimmering gold necklace, a pair of standout gold shoes, or even a sparkling gold scarf can all look incredible, particularly next to monochrome hues like black, white and grey.

If you’ve got the perfect piece of jewellery but it’s the wrong metal, you could always make use of gold plating services to update it.