How Single People Could Benefit From Gold-Plating Apple Watch

No doubt there are many people out there who have seen the appeal of different smartwatches that are available on the market. If you own one, then you will no doubt have benefited from its features. However, you might be interested to hear that the tech gadget has advantages outside of its primary functions. If you do want it to stand out more on your wrist, then gold plating might help with that.

A survey from Match (via Inverse) focused on Uber users and what gadgets they find attractive on their would-be date. According to the research, 67 per cent found it more appealing if their date was wearing a smartwatch, which was followed by a home voice assistant with 37 per cent and 29 per cent with an iPhone.

You might not be surprised to hear that a fancy piece of tech could be eye-catching for someone on a date. Unlike the iPhone, though, the Apple Watch has been on the market for less time and is not that wildly owned by people who own and use one of Apple’s handsets.

Of course, it could change with the tech company’s commitment to the product and the introduction of a new series.

You’ll know that most people who own an Apple Watch haven’t considered the investment to change the colour to suit their personal taste. Just think of how a smartwatch with a custom-design, like gold plating, would make it catch someone’s attention in the same way as Rolex would do.