How Thick Is Silver Plating?

It’s completely natural to want to know as much about the silver plating process as possible before opting to have your family heirlooms treated in this way – and one of the questions we get asked an awful lot here at GoldenLux Gold Plating is just thick is the plating once the process has been completed?

The answer is that it’s actually not very thick at all. A thin layer of the metal is placed on the surface of an item, usually made of a base metal like copper or alloy,using an electroplating process. Of course, the thickness of the silver plated layer can vary and it generally depends on what the item is that is due to be plated.

For example, if you have an item of hollowware that you’d like to have plated, the thickness would usually be no more than 0.00125 inches and no less than 0.000125 inches, according to Dorothy Rainwater’s book The Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers.

For flatware, meanwhile, the thickness would typically be between 0.00015 and 0.00125 inches, but you should note that the thickness can be deeper on points that are likely to get a lot of wear and tear.

Despite the fact that the plate isn’t really all that thick, it doesn’t mean that your silver plated items won’t be valuable or attractive. On the contrary, silver plated jewellery and other such belongings can be very valuable indeed and if you look after them properly, there’s no reason why they can’t last for years and years, passed down as family heirlooms from generation to generation.