How To Remove Tarnish From Silver Plate

It’d be wonderful if silver plating stood the test of time without you having to do anything whatsoever, but sadly that’s not the case and you will need to give your silverware and jewellery a bit of a polish from time to time to keep it looking lovely.

Tarnish is not something that can be avoided, caused by a reaction between metal and sunlight, heat, moisture, food, smoke… the list goes on. However, it’s a relatively simple process restoring your silver-plated objects back to their former glory, although you must remember to be as gentle as possible.

You need to polish carefully so you don’t rub your way through the plating itself. Invest in a good-quality product that’s meant to be used solely on silver plate and avoid chemical dips as these will be too strong.

Use a soft cloth to do the polishing and make sure you have different clothes for different types of metal so you don’t get any cross-contamination between products.

Before you polish, however, you should wash your silver plate in some warm water with some mild soap to get rid of any dirt or residue. Dry each piece carefully, then polish up and buff as best you can. Keep a toothbrush to hand as well in case you need to get into any nooks and crannies.

Did you know that you can actually help prevent tarnish from happening in the first place by storing your silver plate in protective cloths or soft bags? We’d love to hear how you look after your silverware so get in touch with us in the comments below.