How To Use Mixed Metallics In Your Home

Can’t decide between gold and silver plating? Well maybe you don’t have to – when it comes to your home anyway. The big trend on everyone’s lips is mixed metallics and here’s how you can add it to your home.

More people than ever are choosing to embrace the maximalist look into their homes, moving away from the minimal Scandinavian trend of recent years. A maximalist scheme is one where more really is more, introducing lots of colour, patterns and finishes into one space.

Focus on texture, layering items together such as rugs, cushions and throws, while mixing and matching finishes, including metallics. When it comes to metallic finishes, traditionally interiors has focused on one within a scheme, however, the new trend is bringing copper, gold and silver finishes all within one room.

Well-known interiors lifestyle blogger and designer Rachel Parcell, who founded the popular blog Pink Peonies, told the LA Times about her love for mixing metallics: “I’m trying to design something that is timeless, and I have lots of mixed metal finishes. In my kitchen I’m doing silver faucets but then mixing them with brass hardware.”

If you aren’t brave enough to go to full way with a maximalist scheme, then perhaps look at small ways to introduce new metals into bathrooms and kitchens. Change those plain chrome faucets for gold or copper, without worrying about the rest of the accessories in the kitchen.

In other rooms simply incorporating gold and other metallic finishes in accessories candle holder, art and furniture legs can look great.