Images Of Rose Gold iPhone 7 Leaked

IPhone fans who cannot be without the latest models of their favourite smart phone will be interested to find out more about the iPhone 7 after videos of the rose-gold device were leaked on the internet.

The phone will come in a few colours, all with the metallic theme. Users can choose from silver, space grey, gold or rose-gold.

Of course, people who want to have a luxury phone can also consider gold or silver plating the latest iPhone to add some extra bling in their pockets.

Other features of the 4.7-inch device include a larger and upgraded camera, a secondary speaker grille, and it won’t have a 3.5mm headphone socket. Instead, owners will have to use Lightning headphones to listen to their music or enjoy hands-free phone calls.

These will come included in the box, or will be available to buy from third-party companies.

Another difference in look from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 is that the antenna bands have been placed on the top and bottom of the new version. This is to allow for a completely clean look on the back of the phone except for the apple logo to make it stand out more.

Those who want to buy the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro version could benefit from a dual-lens rear camera, while the devices may also be dust and water-resistant.

With the smart phone expected to be available for official release in September this year, fans will not have to wait long before they can get their hands on the latest in handheld technology.