Is A Gold Games Controller A Step Too Far?

When it comes to an expression of luxury and wealth, we all know that gold and diamonds are a go-to option. So it will probably come as little surprise that one games console manufacturer has designed what’s probably the most ostentatious controller out there.

Yes folks, you can now get a gold-plated and diamond-encrusted PS4 controller. VG247 highlighted the new product, the Lux DualShock Controller 4.

What’s more, there are two versions of this controller. The more budget (and we use the term lightly) of the two is the classic, which costs $8,495 (£6,459). This has only one custom button studded with diamonds.

For all the sparkle, you need to pick the deluxe version, which features nine 18-karat buttons, each one studded with diamonds. This will set you back $13,995.

According to the news provider, it’s described as being for “the gamer with impeccable taste”. To make it more appealing, there are a number of customisation options too, including allowing you to choose to have it plated in different metals, or featuring different stones on the buttons.

If you can’t quite stretch to one of the latest controllers, you could look into gold plating one of your existing games controllers.

Of course, this is far from the first piece of technology to appear in a gold-plated version. Another gadget going for the luxury appeal is the Caviar iPhone – it’s gold plated and also features mother of pearl and diamond embellishments.

Although it’s not cheap, at $5,420 it’s still more affordable than the gold-plated PS4 controller.