Is This The Ultimate Gold Plating Project?

Jeweller Cartier is well known for its elegant pieces that marry precious metals like gold with dazzling diamonds and other gems.

While Cartier jewellery isn’t something you’d find being produced in a large format, the company has gone big with its latest showcase.

Elle reported on the pop-up experience it’s touring around the USA at present, which will see a gold-coated shipping container moving from place to place and showcasing a special display exploring the links between mechanics and jewellery.

Named the Precious Garage, the concept has been designed by New York-based artist Desi Santiago especially for the luxury jeweller.

“The worlds of form and mechanics intersect at the Precious Garage”, the company’s website states.

The installation has already visited Nashville and will spend the final weekend of September in Seattle. Apart from its two weekend events, the container has been based at Fifth Avenue Mansion in New York since it was unveiled earlier this month.

While the cost of gold plating services for something as large as a shipping container are probably out of the budget of most people, it does go to show that you can let your imagination run wild and gold plate almost anything.

It’s also a great way to breathe new life into any pieces of jewellery that may be a little worse for wear and that you therefore might not wear as much as you’d like. Or you could update a cheaper, but well loved, piece by having it gold plated to give it a bit more of a wow factor.