Jewellery Designer Talks Of Joy Of Upcycling

It might seem strange for a jewellery designer to talk about upcycling pieces, rather than creating new items of jewellery from scratch, but one designer wants us to think more about where our accessories come from and how we use them.

Speaking to Vogue, Lilian Von Trapp, a Berlin-based jewellery designer, explained how she realised that designing jewellery was her passion. She also told the publication about her quest to provide ethical jewellery.

Part of this involves only using recycled gold for her collections, but also in thinking about how to design “a piece that a woman would hopefully want to wear for her whole life or even pass on to someone else”.

Ms Von Trapp explained that she first thought about jewellery design after her mother passed away and she inherited some jewellery from her, as well as her grandmother and great grandmother.

However, she quickly realised that she would be unlikely to wear any of these items and instead took them to be melted down and made into new jewellery, designed by her.

Although the majority of us wouldn’t have the skills to design our own jewellery, there are a few ways of breathing new life into tired pieces. One is to use a gold plating service to either improve the condition of a piece, or to bring it in line with the latest jewellery trends.

One of the main trends this summer is the rise of seashell jewellery, with the Independent explaining that the key to pulling this look off is to select luxury seashell items, rather than the cheaper alternatives.