Jewellery Inspiration From The Oscars Red Carpet

It’s safe to say that the Oscars are one of the most glamorous awards ceremonies in the world, and as a result all the stars who walk down the red carpet make a special effort to look stunning.

Unlike the Golden Globes, where the black ensembles worn by all the female attendees stole the show, the Oscars were a more colourful affair. Aside from the amazing outfits, there was some pretty spectacular jewellery on show too.

If you want to take some inspiration from Hollywood’s A-listers, Forbes has picked out some of the most striking jewellery that was worn on the night.

One trend the news provider identified was a greater use of silver-coloured metals, normally white gold or platinum, as well as a lot of diamonds.

“Diamonds and white metals were the overwhelming favourite among the stars,” the website noted.

Actresses Sally Hawkins, Laurie Metcalf, Lesley Manville and Nicole Kidman were among those who opted for diamond and white-metal combinations, while Meryl Streep choose gold dart-shaped earrings, still with diamonds to add sparkle though.

Sapphires also featured in quite a few of the necklaces and pairs of earrings that adorned the stars.

While the jewellery worn at the Oscars was collectively worth millions of dollars, you can still add some bling to your own wardrobe by making use of silver plating services to breathe life back into tired pieces and ensure you stay on trend.

Statement earrings, and particularly those made from gold, were identified as a key jewellery trend in January, but now it’s probably safe to say that any white metal statement earrings will be equally on-trend.