Keep Up With The Trends And Get A Golden Pineapple

If there was going to be a trend we all remembered about 2018 it is definitely golden pineapples. Whether you wear one around your neck, have one emblazoned on your clothes or fill your house with them, most millenials have a golden-plated pineapple somewhere.

The reason for this is because of the world of social media, says Georgina Burnett, an interiors vlogger and property coach, who spoke to the Independent about this homeware trend that has taken 20 to 40-year-olds by storm.

“It’s much easier for trends to be broadcast now as well because of social media, which is why something eye-catching like a gold pineapple suddenly appears everywhere,” she stated.

People tend to upload their new possessions on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, which then appears on their feed for hundreds of friends and relatives to see. The more the picture is shared or liked, the more people want to copy.

So, why is everyone obsessed with golden pineapples anyway?

According to Martin Holland, winner of the BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge in 2015, those who are in rented accommodation want to personalise their space by adding quirky items. They are not allowed to redecorate but want to make their house or flat feel like their own, so they add standout pieces to their interiors, which they can take with them to their next home.

“There are lots of metallic items appearing because they have a bit of a glamorous and expensive feel to them, even though they aren’t necessarily expensive items,” he told the news provider.

There are many ways you can decorate your home with golden pineapples, including fitting a patterned shower curtain, buying a pineapple-shaped spoon rest, adding a pineapple lamp to your living room, or placing some artwork of the tropical fruit on the wall.