Are You Sitting On A Goldmine?

Many of us keep items that have been handed down through generations and never think of selling them. However, this could be a mistake, as our heirlooms may be worth a pretty penny.
In fact, some people may have as much as £14,978 worth of goods in their possession without knowing it, according to the latest research from
 It revealed that 32 per cent of Brits have no idea what the real value of their items are, despite 44 per cent keeping their belongings safe ‘just in case’.
Consumer affairs editor for the website Natasha Rachel Smith said many people have “goldmines sitting at home” with items that may have been passed down through the family or picked up at car boot sales.
However, she noted that 47 per cent do not have their potentially valuable items insured, adding: “Our research has uncovered a serious issue with Brits not knowing the value of their items, and, as a result, are risking not insuring curios that may be worth thousands of pounds.”
This is despite 33 per cent of Brits hoping their treasures may make them rich one day!
According to the findings, the majority of valuable belongings unearthed in people’s homes are jewellery pieces (43 per cent).
Therefore, you may be inclined to hunt down some necklaces, bracelets or rings that you have been given to see whether they are of any serious worth. Even if you decide to keep them – which two-thirds of the public claim they would – you could bring them into the 21st century with golplating services, which will instantly brighten up the jewellery and make them more wearable.