Match your Gold Plated iPhone To A Lightning Dock

If you decide to opt for a gold plated iPhone 8 with GoldenLux Gold Plating’s signature service, then you might be interested in completing the set with a gold charging device too. While it’s not gold plated, Apple’s new Lightning Dock has been re-designed in metallic colours to match the basic colours of the iPhone, something you can see now over on 9 to 5 Mac.

The Lightning Dock ables you to charge your handset whilst also listening to music at the same time. The dock has its own port so can be used for headphones or to connect to portable speakers, you can also sync your phone to a Mac or PC with a USB cable which would have been provided when you originally purchased your handset.

This dock is the perfect colour match for Apple’s new iPhone 8 yellow gold colourway and it also available in silver, black, space grey and other gold hues. If you want to purchase other colours of the older editions of the dock you can head to Amazon, but the new colour can only currently be purchased from an Apple retail store or online.

You can get your hands on one for £39 and is a great for those who weren’t a fan of Apple removing the capability to listen to music and charge at the same time when it launched the iPhone 7 model.

The iPhone sits upright in the dock and you can use the touch screen of your phone whilst it’s connected without having to remove it. It can also be used with any Apple designed case still fitted, and has a rubber area to avoid and scratches of damage to the finish of your handset. When your phone is placed in the dock you’ll also be able to receive calls with clear audio when on speakerphone.

If a Lightning Dock sounds like the future to you, why not investigate with us whether you can have gold plating to match your iPhone!