Pandora Launches Gold Plated Range

Want some gold plated jewellery to go with your gold plated iPhone?

Well you are in luck with the new gold plated range that has just been announced from Pandora. The jewellery giant has made the announcement due to the growing popularity of yellow gold jewellery.

They say they have launched the gold plated range to ensure that the jewellery is available affordably to people who want to buy Pandora jewellery.

Pandora is most famous for its charm bracelets, which allow people to collect different charms to mark significant events throughout their lives.

Stephen Fairchild, chief creative officer at Pandora told Professional Jeweller: “We see a big opportunity here, and anticipate that women will embrace the 18ct gold plating on sterling silver and be excited about the colour, the metal, the themes, and the new designs.

“Our ambition is to introduce a metal and a design concept that is relevant for our existing customers – and attracts new customers. We want to create a road map for new women to enter the Pandora universe.”

The company does already offer solid gold jewellery but has made the decision to introduce the gold-plated range to widen access to customers this season.

The new range has been launched alongside a Bee Mine range for spring summer 2017, which features yellow gold accented with bee motifs. The range also features diamante and orange lacquer accents.

It should prove to be the perfect range for anyone who is keen on yellow gold, and really wants to embrace its new-found popularity this year.