Air Pollution Damaging The Golden Temple’s Walls!

If you’re looking for a cautionary tale about why you should take care of your gold and silver plating, just take a look at the famous Golden Temple in northern India… air pollution is having such a damaging effect that the once resplendent walls are now turning really rather dull.

According to Newsgram, there’s not much that can actually be done to prevent the damage to the 430-year- old temple from taking place, apart from actually replacing all the gold-plated walls – a move that’s already been done twice, once a century ago and then once more in 1999.

To help reduce the amount of pollution in the local area, burning rubbish or cooking with certain fuels in restaurants has now been banned (although enforcement doesn’t appear to be particularly stringent), while a campaign has been launched to persuade farmers to stop burning their crops in order to clear fields. Traffic and industry are also being cut back.

As you can see, it’s vital that you know how to take care of gold, silver and platinum-plated items if they’re to really stand the test of time. We recently blogged about how you could care for gold-plated jewellery so make sure you read our full post on the subject.

Basically, make sure you never put anything gold-plated in the dishwasher as this can have a really detrimental effect thanks to harsh chemicals and hot water. Keep your jewellery in a soft box or bag to prevent scratching and make sure it doesn’t come into contact with oils, perfumes or chemicals if you can help it.