Rich Kids Customising Items With Gold Plating

There are constant battles among the world’s wealthy to out-do one another, and it seems that nothing has changed with the youngest millionaires and billionaires getting in on the act.

Of course, having bragging rights among your friends  isn’t something restricted to the super-rich, but these wealthy 20-somethings are taking things to a whole new level.

According to the Daily Mail, weapons are the must-have status symbol among Rich Kids of UK Instagram feed, with some of them even going as far as using gold plating services to bring some bling to the likes of AK47s and hand guns.

Curator for the feed told the newspaper: “It makes them feel rich and powerful and it’s a way to show everyone that.”

As well as gold plated guns, weapons branded with Louis Vuitton and Gucci prints have also been spotted, while samurai swords and even alleged heirlooms – such as a sword that is claimed to have been owned by Napoleon Bonaparte.

While the super-rich are customising weapons with gold plating, there are less dangerous and valuable items that you can bring some bling to with a gold exterior.

Last month, we reported on a trend among Chinese smartphone owners who are carrying out makeovers on their handsets, rather than upgrading to the latest model. And with Apple having released a gold-plated iPhone, you could make yours look just as flashy without having to fork out for a new handset by sending your phone to a gold plating service. It could even be a great Christmas gift for someone special.