Is There Going To Be A Rose Gold Galaxy S8

We have been gold plating iPhones for a long time and it seems like their popularity is growing.

It looks like Samsung is planning on bringing out a rose gold version of their latest Galaxy S8. They have already brought out a rose gold version of the Galaxy S7 which has proved popular so it is not particularly surprising.

However, the rumours started when ‘leaked’ images appeared on the Chinese social media website Weibo, though these are no longer available, Trusted Reviews reported.

We have been aware of the trend for rose gold for a while now as we are so frequently asked to plate items, including mobile phones, for people’s landmark birthdays and weddings. Not only is rose gold popular for accessories and jewellery it is also popular for interiors.

The most popular wedding themes have included rose gold for a number of years now, with rose gold wedding rings more popular than ever. Rose gold marries the two recent trends for pink and metallic which have been growing in popularity in recent years.

While interior designers have been throwing metallic touches into their industrial looks for a while now, millennials have been warming up the utilitarian look with a new colour named ‘millennial pink’.

This off blush tone has become incredibly popular in recent months with it showing up on Instagram and even Martha Stewart has been in on the action, introducing it to a recent craft kit launch.

But we say, why not have both and invest in rose gold plating.