How To Set Your Silverware For A Formal Dinner

You have invited your friends and family over for a nice formal dinner and had your cutlery silver plated for the occasion, but you can not remember how to set out your silverware properly.

If that sounds familiar, read our tips for a beautifully set table.

– How many pieces of silverware?

Before you start laying the table, you need to ascertain how many items of cutlery you need. Place four pieces for a salad and mains, five for a soup as well, six for a first course, mains and dessert, and seven for a soup, starter, mains and dessert.

– Where to put the correct cutlery?

Put the cutlery that needs to be used first on the outside. For instance, your soup or first course silverware should be furthest away from the plate. The knife and fork to be used for the mains should be nearest the dish.

Position the dessertspoon and fork at the top of the plate, facing opposite directions.

– Which sides?

Your forks should always go on the left-hand-side of the plate, along with the napkin, while knives and soup spoon should be on the right of the dish.

Place your dessert fork facing right, and your dessertspoon to the left.

– What about glasses?

Your glasses should be at a diagonal to the plate on the right, and it is custom to offer two glasses for your guests – one for water and one for wine. It is a good idea to put both red and white wine glasses down first, taking away the one that is not required once the diner has made their choice of drink.