Tips On Cleaning Your Dinner Service

Having a full set of silver cutlery is rare these days, but if you are lucky enough to receive a formal dinner service for your wedding or inherit one, you will want to make sure you look after it properly.

Here are our tips on how to clean your precious dinnerware so it stays sparkling for longer.

Silver polishing cloths

One of the most effective ways of removing tarnish from your silver or silver-plated cutlery is by using a specialist silver polishing cloth.

Forks, particularly silver-plated ones, tend to discolour first, with the prongs often turning a different shade before any other part of the implement because they are in contact with other substances the most i.e. food.

There is a huge variety of polishing cloths available, some coming with powders and pastes to help speed up the process. Make sure you wipe the entire surface area, especially fork prongs and knife edges, as these tarnish first.

Aluminium foil and baking soda

Another method, which uses natural products instead of chemicals, involves getting your hands on aluminium foil and baking soda.

All you have to do put one tablespoon of baking powder and one tablespoon of sea salt into an aluminium tray along with half a cup of white vinegar, after which you will see the mixture foam up as the combination of the natural products react together.

Then pour in boiling water and add your silverware, making sure each piece is thoroughly covered.

The mixture will remove the tarnish off your cutlery and, after a quick polish, they will look as shiny as new.