Smartphone Makeovers An Alternative To An Upgrade

Consumers in China are saving money by paying for makeovers for their smartphones, as opposed to upgrading to the latest model.


According to a report by Reuters, owners of Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6S in China are opting to buy makeover kits for their handsets as they either can’t afford or don’t want to upgrade.


Among the things they’re altering on their phone’s appearance are the cover by applying stickers or having engravings done, fitting dust plugs to hide the headphone jack that’s been removed on the latest models of Apple’s iconic smartphones, and even replacing the casing altogether.


Student Zhao Bo from Jilin Province, told the news organisation that he wasn’t enthused by Apple’s newest smartphone. “The iPhone 7 design was… not much of an upgrade. There’s no headphone jack and the price is so much higher,” he said.


Other consumers said they were waiting for a bigger upgrade from Apple, or to see what Samsung does next following its issues with its Galaxy Note7 model and the exploding batteries.


Earlier this month, Samsung halted production of its latest smartphone and recalled all handsets already sold due to issues with batteries exploding. The tech company will also issue a software update for Note7 phones at the end of October that will limit the battery charge to 60% as an extra safety measure.


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