The Banana Gun – The World’s Biggest Silver Bullion Sculpture

We love how gold plating is often used as the crowning glory for all and sundry – and apparently, it’s a firm favourite among sculptors as well.

We’ve just spotted this story in the Herald Sun about sculptor Adrian Ward, 44, who’s just created the biggest pure silver bullion sculpture the world has ever seen, It’s known as the Banana Gun, a lifesize handgun that weighs in at 3.6kg and comes complete with 24ct gold plating.

As Mr Ward explains, he likes to make art using silver bullion as his work often reflects the ideals of capitalism and, thanks to the fact that silver bullion is a commodity, it means the value of the sculpture fluctuates in line with the economy.

“The Banana Gun symbolises the struggle of people in Guatemala, who were oppressed by dictator after dictator, with the banana symbolising one of the country’s main industries,” Mr Ward went on to say.

It seems as though he won’t be stopping at the Banana Gun, however. According to the newspaper, Mr Ward is currently in discussion with a huge world bank to come up with a ten tonne silver sculpture to be made for its headquarters.

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