The Search Is On For King Solomon’s Gold

If you like the finer things in life and enjoy everything gold plated, then you may have something in common with the biblical King Solomon.

The bible states this ancient king had gold stores of over 500 tons of pure gold, worth a total of £2.3 trillion in today’s money, but no one has ever found it.

The concept of searching for King Solomon’s gold has been around for over 150 years, due to the popularity of the book, King Solomon’s Mines, published in 1885.

However, the search has been on in real life, with one scholar in particular who has spent 20 years looking for King Solomon’s gold. Ralph Ellis, is a British historian and author who has spent decades combing over the works of biblical scholars and the bible itself, to find out what became of King Solomon’s gold stores.

He has however, come to the conclusion that it may not be out there.

“My research suggests that there is a factual basis for the story of Solomon and his riches, but that it was heavily amended and obscured by biblical scribes.

“A wealthy and powerful Israelite dynasty did exist, just as the Bible claims, but they were not simply Israelite kings and their capital city was not at Jerusalem,” he told the Independent newspaper.

Instead, he thinks that King Solomon was in fact an Egyptian pharaoh, and much of the gold from the time is actually on display in the Museum of Cairo.