Tips On Keeping Your Gold Jewellery Safe

Having lots of expensive jewellery could be a status symbol for you, but it is important to keep your precious gold-plated necklaces, rings or earrings safe so you never have to worry about them landing in the hands of opportunistic thieves.

Here are our tips on how to protect your jewels.

Use a secure safe

Keep any jewellery you are not wearing in a secure, lockable safe, and keep this out of sight.

It is a good idea to get one that is built into furniture, such as inside a crevice in the wall and hidden behind a mirror, or secured on the cellar floor. This way, burglars who might find the safe still will not be able to remove it from the property, giving them an extra obstacle to stealing its contents.

Register your jewels

If you are worried about being burgled, you can register your assets at This website helps police recover your lost property, as they already have all the details necessary to identify your belongings.

Without doing this, you might not be able to remember all the characteristics of the jewellery that will enable the police to release them back in your hands.

Keep it at the bank

Alternatively, if you have jewellery of considerable monetary or sentimental value, you can store them in a bank’s safety deposit box.

You have to pay a small fee for this service, but it is worth it to keep your precious items safe from harm.

Just make sure you call up your insurance provider to check they still covered on your home insurance policy, should something happen to them while at a bank – although, with their far superior security, the risk is much smaller than if they were kept at home.