Top Tips For Caring For Gold Jewellery

If you’re lucky enough to have some gold pieces of jewellery in your possession, you’ll want to take care of them to ensure that they always look their best and really shine.

But have you ever thought about how best to look after any gold jewellery you have? Tatler recently offered some tips on keeping these precious items in top condition.

The first thing to consider is the carat of your gold. The higher the carat, the softer the gold is likely to be. The publication noted that this only really matters when it comes to layering different pieces of gold jewellery together, recommending that you stick to wearing pieces with the same carat together to prevent the harder metal from damaging the softer metal.

While solid gold won’t corrode or tarnish because it contains no oxides, that doesn’t mean you can just pop it in a box somewhere and forget about it. If you’re keeping it with other jewellery you should note that it can still get scuffed or scratched by other items because it’s quite a soft metal.

If you decide to clean your jewellery yourself, rather than taking it for a professional polish, use a small soft brush and some warm soapy water. Be delicate and make sure you rinse and dry it after you’ve finished.

David Morris, a jeweller on Bond Street, explained that if you’re wiping it, you should “always use a soft clean cloth”.

Of course, you may have some gold plated items in your collection, in which case these could benefit from being sent to gold plating services if they are looking a little tired and in need of a refresh.

Earlier this year, an article for Insider also offered some advice on how to care for jewellery. Among the top tips were to keep it simple and avoid investing in chemical products, as well as to take your jewellery off when you’re sleeping.