Trending: Gold-Plated Baby Bottles

We’re often surprised by the ingenuity our customers have when using our gold plating services for gifts, but sometimes, they come to us having seen a fantastic idea elsewhere. These days, the most beloved of gifts aren’t bought from the pages of a catalogue or from the high street as standard, they’re personalised ideas.

Whether with a name or just transformed into something a little bit more extraordinary, these gifts are original no matter how many times they’ve been seen before, meaning they make for great viral fodder for social media. One such gold-plated idea is trending widely right now, especially among wealthy Saudis, that will make a perfect present for a new baby.

Yes, the big trend online right now is the gold plated baby bottle – you can see the picture that’s gaining a lot of traction over at Alarabiya.

The lavish concept sees only a small part of the bottle gold-plated, but in some instances it is also encrusted with diamonds too. The idea isn’t a new one in Saudi Arabia, according to the source of the bottles, but also not widespread.

While it may suit their wealthy culture, how would such a gift be received here? Well, we think the idea is a great one for a meaningful baby gift. If you’ve had friends or families with babies in recent years, you’ll know that buying gifts for them is particularly hard. They seem to have a never-ending supply of toys and clothes that never get worn, so why not choose something unique as a baby shower gift such as a gold plated bottle?