Trending: Metallic Hair

If you like to stay ahead of the trends then you’ll know that metallics are at the forefront right now – from gold plated rose coloured home accessories and finishings, to chrome lipsticks and makeup palettes, it’s invaded every facet of style.

The latest Instagram worthy look with a metallic twist is Balayaging hair. The dyeing technique is somewhat similar to ombre hair, but using a slightly different approach when brushing in the dye. What gives this look its edge is the metallic tones of rose gold and silver running through the hair. Celebrity hair stylist George Papanikolas from Matrix spoke to InStyle and said: “You can add metallic Balayage highlights to a conventional-toned base or incorporate them into an all-over metallic hair colour effect.”

This look is a great alternative to the usual bright summer blonde highlights changing the hues of the overall look. It’s a big hit online with celebrities and social media influencers who all share images of their hair across their Instagram and twitter platforms.

If you’ve ever considered changing up your style but haven’t been brave enough to do so then the icy silver or warm rose gold coloured highlights is a great bridge between platinum blonde or full pastel coloured hair. You can make this statement hair style look even more striking by carefully choosing your makeup to compliment the look – go for a rose gold pigmented eye shadow to really create a dramatic impact – and don’t forget to accessorise with your favourite gold plated accessories.