Viking Gold Hoard Discovered

Humans have had an obsession with gold for centuries, that’s no secret – and it could explain why we’re still keen to have items made from the precious metal in our possession. Given the cost of gold, sending much-loved pieces of jewellery to a gold plating service could be a more cost effective way to add some glitter to your wardrobe.

The Vikings, of course, didn’t have that option and they loved to hoard gold – or so a new discovery would indicate.

According to USA Today, a collection of gold items found on a Danish farm is the second-largest known haul of Viking gold ever discovered, and the biggest ever uncovered in Denmark.

Metal detectorists came across the hoard, which has been recovered with the help of archaeologists and is now being studied at the Sønderskov Museum.

Curator at the museum Lars Grundvad said that the king who originally owned the hoard would have been “filthy rich”. He explained that the style of the jewellery connects it to Viking King Harald Bluetooth, and that many Viking kings bestowed gifts on local chiefs in a bid to develop alliances.

As well as jewellery, the hoard also contained a number of coins, which have dated it to 970 or earlier.

Of course, gold treasure isn’t only found in Denmark – earlier this year a treasure hunter in Leicestershire found a medieval gold brooch near Kirby Muxloe Castle, which is believed to have once belonged to Baroness Hastings.

It was sold at auction with a guide price of £6,000 to £8,000.