Who Wouldn’t Want A Gold-Plated DeLorean?

Anyone who’s seen the Back to the Future franchise will already be familiar with the DeLorean, famed for its incredible gullwing doors – but now the famous car, first brought out back in the 80s, has been given a bit of a makeover in the form of 24ct gold plating!

According to MSN, only a small collection of these blinged-up vehicles are available and you’ll have to have a pretty penny in the bank because they’ll set you back $150,000 each. Over 8,000 DeLoreans were manufactured between 1981 and 1983, and just five of these sports cars were finished in gold… so you’ll definitely have a one-of-a-kind car if this is what floats your boat.

One of these cars is now up for sale so it’s yours if you want it. As well as the shiny gold exterior, the vehicle features a black-on-black interior, has all its original gauges and dials in working order, and the car itself is in good condition.

There’s no doubt that the DeLorean is one of the most iconic cars to have ever been made – and the good news for car fanatics is that Liverpudlian mechanic Stephen Wynne has plans in place to restart series production of the famous whip.

He bought the DeLorean Motor Company name back in 1995 and has his own thriving business, fixing up old cars and selling refurbished DMC-12s, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Apparently, the new model will retain the shape of the original, but the tyres and wheels will be different. The original DMC stainless steel body panels will also be used.