Why You Should Keep A Gold-Plated Design For Your Next iPhone

It is not surprising that many people are eagerly awaiting to hear more news about Apple’s next range of mobile handsets. You might be considering that it is time to switch to a different make, but you will find that the tech company’s phone is still the most popular choice for consumers. If you are going to upgrade to the next iPhone, you should keep with your gold-plated design.

According to a survey from PC Magazine, most consumers are more excited for the next model of iPhones than any other handset coming to the market. The figures showed that Apple’s potential mobile range – the iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhone XI and iPhone SE 2 – had 42 per cent of participants interested, while Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 came second with 24 per cent.

Of course, anyone who keeps an interest in the mobile market will know full well that it feels like a two-horse race between Apple and Samsung at times. PC Magazine, who spoke to 1,555 consumers for its research, found that only seven per cent were looking forward to Google’s Pixel 3 and four per cent said the same about the LG V40.

While Apple will bring out its own design colours for the iPhone, that does not mean that it is the only option available. You will want your iPhone to match your personal taste, especially as you are going to be using it daily over the period of your phone’s contract or until the latest model comes out.