Why Your Next iPhone Should Be Gold Plated

When you purchase a new mobile phone, you are making an important investment that you will want to protect. Your most immediate call of action, for example, will be to buy a cover to stop it from breaking and one that features a design on it, too. Instead of needlessly covering up your device with a case, you should consider getting your iPhone gold plated to show off its design.

The moment that you put your case on your device, you have changed how it feels in your hand and its entire complexion. You want to avoid spending money on a case that will still cause damage to your phone if you drop it. After all, you could put that investment towards personalising your iPhone and making it stand out from the rest of the crowd instead.

It is that time of the year where the next line of iPhones could be revealed to the world. The Sun recently reported on iPhone leaks that potentially show what Apple’s latest models will look like. As expected, the devices are like previous designs and are ready made for customisation.

According to research by Gartner, it is expected that there will be a rise in the sale of devices – from PCs and tablets to phones – in 2018. If you bring up an iPhone into a discussion, chances are that someone will say that “they all look the same”. That is an easy fix if you upgrade to a new model and change the look of your phone to suit your personal taste.

You’re going to be holding your phone every single day and use it until you want to switch handsets. If you’re putting that much time towards it, you will want to spend that extra investment to get a high-quality job done on it. Avoid falling into the trap of overprotecting your purchase with a poorly designed case and enjoy the way you want it to feel – and look – in your hand.