Will Apple’s Latest iPhone Come In Gold?

There’s always demand for gold accessories and, of course, the iPhone is no different. At various points, Apple has released some of its iPhone models in the precious metal, but this certainly isn’t standard.

However, The Verge revealed that three of the company’s 2018 iPhone models could appear in gold by the autumn, including its upgraded iPhone X. The news provider cited Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who is expecting the tech giant to release the new iPhone X, a larger version of this upgrade, and a cheaper iPhone, all with gold as one of the colour options.

The bigger version of the iPhone X is expected to have a screen size close to 6.5 inches, up from the 5.8 inches of the current iPhone X.

Meanwhile, the cheaper model will feature the slim-bezeled screen design of the iPhone X with an LCD display, the publication stated. The main difference is that the frame will be made from aluminium, rather than stainless steel used in the iPhone X.

In terms of price, the cheaper version of the iPhone X is predicted to come in between $700 and $800, which is a few hundred dollars lower than the price tag of the current model.

There is no indication over whether a gold version of this iPhone will cost more than a model in a different colour though.

If you can’t quite stretch to that kind of price tag, but you still want a mobile that has that kind of impact, you could invest in a gold-plated iPhone. You don’t even need to get an upgrade if you’re happy with your current handset – you can just send it to a gold plating service.

According to Forbes, the iPhone X is the best selling smartphone on the market at the moment, although the news provider shared data from Gartner showing that the tech giant’s mobile sales have steadily been falling for the past few years.