Will Then Queen Spoil New Royal Baby With Lavish Gifts?

The royals are not short of golden trinkets, jewels, crowns and heirlooms, so it would not be surprising if the Queen spoiled her great granddaughter or son when the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth next month.

Prince William and Princess Catherine are having their third child together, with the heir expected to be born at the end of April.

When the baby does arrive, he or she will no doubt be showered with expensive gifts from all over the world, from politicians to other royal families across the globe.

Indeed, their two elder children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte – already have a fair collection of luxurious presents they have received, which include an £18,000 cottage on wheels featuring a day bed, a lapis lazuli orb from Pope Francis, a possum skin cloak, and a lovely rocking horse from the Obamas

Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, also bought her nephew silver castings of his hands and feet that reportedly cost £7,000.

It seems that people are willing to spend a small fortune on the royal babies, and the newborn could even be given a lavish gift from the throne, as grandparents, particularly, like to splash out on their grandchildren.

According to a survey by American Express, they shell out between £99 and £102 when a new grandchild is born, while aunts and uncles like to spend around £45.

The most popular gift to buy is clothing, with 57 per cent purchasing this, while many people might also want to get something that they will keep forever. Pippa Middleton’s silver hand and feet castings are one idea, or you could get a family trinket gold plated to give to the youngest relative.