Would You Buy A Gold-Plated Hairdryer?

If you’re talking about luxury, it doesn’t get much more decadent than gold plating an everyday item in your home, yet that’s exactly what Dyson has done. By gold plating their already high end hair dryers, they’ve created the ultimate opulence in an electrical grooming product.

Maybe best known for their innovative vacuum cleaner technology, Dyson’s new supersonic hair dryer can be bought plated with 23.75 karat gold leaf, to complement its blue detailing.

The gold leaf, sourced from Florence in Italy, is applied by an expert guilder using a paintbrush and is 33 atoms thick. To make sure each hairdryer is created to the exact high standards, a robotic paint arm was created by technicians to ensure exactly the same amount of glue was applied onto the sections to which the gold leaf would be supplied. Most electrical companies avoid using metal on their products for health and safety reasons, but this didn’t put Dyson off, and they’ve managed to create a highly luxurious product whilst merging traditional handmade skills with modern technological processes.

The original hair dryer design was launched by in 2016 by founder and head of the company James Dyson in Tokyo. Development cost around £94 million and took four years to complete. During that time, 600 prototypes were made up to create the final design, which, compared to the weight of your average hairdryer is approximately three times lighter. The newest gold model is on sale for $699, while the original version retails at $499, and is available to buy online and in store now.